Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Hero *sigh*

Brent is my hero. First of all he is incredibly romantic. We had to get a little creative for Valentine's Day last week because of course we couldn't buy each other gifts, or even cards for that matter. Last year for Valentine's Day he got me truffles from a real upscale chocolatier but this year was so much better! This year he made me chocolates! So sweet of him...literally!

He made buckeyes, mounds and chocolate truffles dusted in powdered sugar and cocoa. As you can see, I couldn't even wait to take a picture before downing two of them. The were so yummy!

He also make me a beautiful card with a rose on the front that he carved out with his knife. It is the best card I have ever much better than Hallmark!

He is also my hero because he fixed my electronic pencil sharpener. This broke my last year of teaching but I was hoping it might be salvaged, so I held onto it. I tried to fix it but couldn't and old Missy might have gone out to buy a new one, but new Missy...well new Missy made her husband to fix it for her :). And he did...*swoon* I love that guy!

While I'm talking about Valentine's Day I want to show you the cute slippers Baby Girl wore on V-Day. They are made out of a recycled wool sweater...actually the same one the pants she is wearing (which are much too big) are made out of. When wool is lanolized it can be used as a cloth diaper cover. I bought a couple of wool sweaters at the thrift store to try to sew some more pants/diaper covers for her. If I ever get around to making them I will post pictures. Some day when I get really adventurous I would really like to knit some longies for her (that's what they call them in the cloth diapering world). Someday I'll stop piling up the crafts I want to do and actually do them!

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