Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Craving a burger...

Ok...it has been awhile since our last post so we'll try to make up for it this week. So, now that we can't eat out or get takeout or stop at convenient stores we have to be a lot more prepared when we hit the road. We took a trip up to NY to visit Brent's mom while she was recovering from a major surgery. For the trip up we had our travel mugs with hot coffee leftover from the church lunch and our "new" used Kleen Kanteens that I bought from someone on diaperswappers.com. I had a few snacks, but we were still pretty full from lunch so I wasn't really worried about needing them. We drank our coffee, sipped our water and snacked on the chocolate. At one point I had to pee which rarely happens on road trips, and I had to go into the rest stop. As I walked by the travel shop at the rest area I had a fleeting desire for combos and a new magazine, but I resisted. In the car we talked a lot and sang along to the radio. At one point when I looked back baby girl had her hands over her ears. I guess she didn't appreciate Mommy and Daddy's vocalizations. Anyway, it was a fun trip up!

On the way back however, we were not as prepared. There was no hot coffee, we forgot to fill up our water bottles and all the chocolate was gone! We ate an early lunch and were hungry so we snacked on bran crackers. Brent tried to chip away at the leftover water that had frozen in water bottle. I had to pee again! I don't know what was wrong with me. My parents gave me the nickname camel bladder because I can go on a 10 hour trip and never have to go. We stopped at a Burger King so I could go....bad idea! After stopping there I couldn't get the smell of burgers out of my head. I wanted one so bad! Brent started getting burger fever also. We had a major craving. So, we normally would have picked up value meals at the Burger King or ordered in from The Perk when we got home. Of course we couldn't do that so we made some burgers when we got home and put baby girl to bed. We made the burgers with bleu cheese and bacon....mmm yum! Now it wasn't a Whopper and it wasn't a Carousel Burger but it was good and satisfied the craving.

We have to constantly be prepared when we are in the car so we don't cave to temptation. I'm going to try make yummy treats when we are making long car trips like the one to NY. We both have to remember to fill our water bottles! Next time maybe I'll also have to find a way to sneak along some burgers...just in case!

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